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In the early days of social networking, there were no classes, no courses, no gurus to assist musicians in building a fan base.  Yet in the mid-2000’s, a young singer/songwriter hailing from Menlo Park, CA armed with a self-produced, acoustic album and the knowledge of how to communicate with fans, lead to a peak point as the number 1 unsigned artist on MySpace.  It was here that John Vesely took the moniker Secondhand Serenade and began his journey that resulted in multi-platinum success and worldwide touring.


The demand for Vesely grew as that first album, Awake, continued to sell.  It wasn’t long before Secondhand Serenade became the talk of the music industry, leading to an eventual deal that positioned him as the first artist ever signed to the now famed Glassnote Records.  A re-release of Awake would soon follow in 2007, as would nationwide touring and the first of many festival appearances.  However, it was 2008’s Danny Lohner-produced album, A Twist In My Story, which would catapult the emo-pop songwriter to the top of the charts.  The lead single, a part piano ballad, part pop-rock tune called “Fall For You” would solidify the first major hit for both the artist and the young label, securing its spot in the top 5 at US radio, eventually going 3-times platinum.  International touring, late night shows and award show appearances became the new norm for Vesely who was quickly becoming the voice of the emo generation.


“It was so surreal to be playing in countries I’ve never been before and having arenas full of people singing back the lyrics I wrote alone in my bedroom,” said Vesely.  “I never take my fans for granted.  We’ve been on such a long journey together.”


Following years of heavy press, touring and another album release in 2010’s Hear Me Now, John left the west coast and headed to Nashville to finish his 2014 album, Undefeated.    While his love for music continued on, he also fell in love with the city itself, deciding to relocate permanently.  Once ingrained into the scene, Vesely began writing and producing for others outside of his own project, expanding his musical palate and creating new relationships within the artist community.


Fast forward to a post pandemic life and Secondhand Serenade is now priming yet another full album along with a nationwide, headlining tour making stops in 32 cities beginning on November 1st.  The timing couldn’t be better with a resurgence in the emo scene and a new project worth of material rolling out over the coming months.  


“To say that I’m excited to get back on the road again is an understatement.  I’ve also been working hard to finish this next album, which is a total throwback to my roots.  So it should be really fun to add some of these new songs into the set and see some first listen reactions in real time.   We’re definitely ending 2021 on a strong note!” says Vesely.


Tickets for the Just Because You Sing Loud Tour are on sale now!

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